The blog is back!

Well hey there–it’s been a while!  I suppose I could offer an explanation.

I founded Black Peak in 2015 to sell the run of 80 series recovery points I had manufactured in Spokane, Washington.  In developing the brand, I made a few t-shirts, sold on various sites and eBay (what a nightmare!) and generally had a ton of fun doing it.

In late 2016, several things happened:

  • American Apparel (my preferred t-shirt blank provider, Made in the USA and all…) declared bankruptcy.  The supply of AA shirts dried up pretty quickly, or became cost prohibitive.
  • My hosting became obsolete.  It’s a long story, but I essentially lost my entire website, blog, product catalog, etc.
  • I sold out of recovery points, v1.0, and had no inclination to have more manufactured, as v2.0 was prototyped
  • I graduated, got married, moved, bought a house, and started a somewhat adult job

So, that was a lot.

In response, I threw up a very basic site, retooled the shirt catalog, and now have a small selection of shirts available.  I pulled back from all other sales outlets, and now sell exclusively through

On the plus side, Black Peak is now a registered trademark!

So, what lies ahead?

I will continue to relaunch apparel, develop products, and maybe even manufacture a few.  I’m going to stay active on instagram build an FJ40, keep working on my ute and generally do this thing.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly: