Thanks for stopping by! If you’ve come here, you’ve come to learn a little about Black Peak Supply Co. We’re pretty excited about that!


A little history:

Black Peak Supply Co. started as a daydream, and morphed into a brand I developed during my undergraduate work at the University of Washington. Named after a mountain in the Cascades here in Washington State, my brand and logos were originally created as a non-descriptive outdoors themed project. My first “e-tail” experience came from an old site I used to run called Wagons West. We ran trips throughout Washington, sold a few offroad items, and generally enjoyed the overland lifestyle.


A little about me:

My name is Mike, and this site is a hobby. My background isn’t too important. I enlisted in the Army at age 17, served overseas a few times, and was honorably discharged several years ago. I went on to college, decided I wanted to do a little more of that, and ended up with an extra degree. Black Peak isn’t my day job; it is a hobby project that allows me to combine my love for Land Cruisers and backcountry travel with technology and the challenge of designing, prototyping, and small batch manufacturing.

The store:

Contrary to what it may seem, Black Peak Supply Co. was not intended to be a “shirt store” at all.  There will probably always be shirts, hats, and other accessories available, and and it’s awesome when folks make the choice to buy a shirt and wear or sticker. A number of these will use tri-blend or technical fabrics that provide the best in comfort and versatility when traveling. The hope is for these shirts to wash well in sinks, tubs, or whatever is available.  They dry quickly, and remain soft and ready for whatever you’ll throw at them.

The original product I sold through this site was a set of recovery points for 80 series Land Cruisers.  I expanded to include swag, stickers, patches, etc. I anticipate heading back to the shop soon and hopefully releasing v2.0 of the recovery points in the future.